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Aug 18, 2019
I got 2 ducks in march. I really enjoyed raising them. They ended up both being males. One is a mallard the other was just a white male. My white male got prolapsed phallus. I took him to the vet , they stitched him and sent him home. when he got home it was already back out. I called the vet, they said they may have to remove on monday but then on saturday , the duck started convulsions. I had wandered if he had the duck plague, I read about it on line. A bird vet near by told me not possible, there are not that many cases. I only had the 2 ducks and they were not around any other ducks. We had to put the duck down and I am extremely sad. My mallard is of course very lonely, he hangs with us but I was considering ordering a female mallard. How will my duck act towards a baby? Also have you heard of any duck plague cases. I am in south Carolina, The duck just died saturday, i was also worried that if it was that my other duck could have it. I know this has several questions but I am just concerned and I do want to get my duck a new play,mate. .

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I definitely would not try to pair him to a duckling. Some males will even attack and kill ducklings.
In the least, my older ducks have always been terrified of ducklings.

I'd check around for local breeders.

Sorry for your duck loss!
yea I am looking for a local breeder that will sell me one. If I get a female, does it have to be the same breed as mine? also some have said to get 2 females, I really only want one other. I thought I had a mallard but it is a rouen.
Duck pairs never need to be the same breed. I would take size into consideration if adding females, however. A heavyweight male to a lightweight female might be disastrous.
Two males make fine companions, or you'll need multiple females to one male else the females can sustain damage from overmating. I would do a 3:1 ratio minimum with females.
Yea that is what I had, 2 males. They were raised together as babies. I would like to get him a companion and I am good with a male but I want to train it to be friendly and a pet. most people that have older ducks have not raised them the way I raised my 2. I mean we walk down to my creek together and swim together. I don't think we can get that bond without raising from a baby. I could keep them apart until the little one gets big enough. It is not ok to have just one I have heard. I did not want a whole flock, I wanted 2 companions and I had that until the devastating thing happened over the weekend. What are your thoughts?
If you want to raise a duckling so it will bond to you then go right ahead. You can bring the duckling out on nice warm days and let your drake see and meet it. Then when the duckling is about drake size or 3-4 months if a female they can be together. Giving them time to meet this way and letting the duckling mature makes it pretty easy to integrate. Once the duckling feathers in you can make a separate area so they can live together but where they are still separate. You just don't want a drake mating a female too early. And unless you can get a sexed duckling you don't know what sex your going to get. I agree with others though it would be much better if you want females to get at least 2 so your drake doesn't over breed just the one.

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