Duck small crack on bill or scratch


6 Years
Nov 30, 2016
Hi all my duck has this crack or scratch on beak bill not bleeding or even an actual injury just notice that yesterday. My husband suggested egg white like a natural adhesive. She eats well drinks. It’s not inside just superficial on top of bill what can I do to mend it. I did have one who I still have similar issue and that just now is a faint line. Any thoughts.


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@Isaac 0 any ideas ? I'd betempted to just keep the duck under observation and not do anything unless the crack/scratch widens or deepens. It's hard to gauge how significant it is from the pictures. If significant I might consider applying a coating of Crazy Glue along the crack after thoroughly cleaning the bill.
It is good to hear the extent of the injures are only localized to the surface, and are not further down into the keratinized layer where the bill may split if not properly cared for. Looking at the picture, it appears fairly superficial, and shouldn't require much attention.

If the area gets deeper or cracks further, I may gently apply either super glue (preferably medical glue), or use a cavity filler which you can get off amazon. Both of which will add further structural integrity to the structure of the bill, and prevent further damage.
Hi all thank you for your replies. Very appreciated. Pebbles is actually doing very well thank Gid. Seems it’s actually sealing up. The neosporin non pain one works and she is now it looks line a line and feels less than yesterday. It’s not deepened anymore. I will post a picture tomorrow morning. Wiggles her guy gets mad if I bother her at night. Lol.
By the way she is kept under observation too. She is in my kitchen with a baby gate and wiggles her oak is there. He is super over protective of his girl. Cute team they are.

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