Duck stopped setting on Her Developing Eggs


7 Years
Jun 18, 2014
My female Buff duck stop sitting on her eggs today she was not on the eggs most of the day she sat on them for about 3 1/2 weeks almost 4 please help what can I do or should I just wait ? Please help me.
I've had the same sad experience twice. The last time I happened to catch a large snake raiding her nest and eating the eggs. It was so sad.. disposed of the snake but she wouldn't go back to the last few eggs that were left. Now I artificially incubate the eggs.
I think you need to find a way to make an incubator. At this point it does not have to be perfect, if they are almost fully developed it worth trying to save them. Plastic bin, heat lamp, heating pad, wet towels, etc. Are you sure the eggs are good, alive?
Yes i candled all 11 eggs they all have an air pocket i even heard one peep through the egg. Would they still be alive it has been chilly here in the lower 70 and 60's. and all the eggs were really cold.
Yes i have i'm just nervous only because it is my first time dealing with this type of problem. I only have a laundry basket that I lined with a towel i have a heater on in my bathroom on as well as a heat lamp over it. How warm should I keep it ? what should i do for the humidity ?

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