Duck suddenly fighting after years

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Macbeth2003, Dec 2, 2014.

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    I have six ducks- all female, 2 India Runners, 2 Khaki Campbells, 1 Pekin, and 1 Muscovy. All except the Muscovy have been together since a couple days old, and will be three in March. The Muscovy will be 1 early next year, and has been here since March. There have never been any problems. The ducks go into a little duck hut overnight, and free range in the backyard during the day.

    Yesterday, I went outside to find the two Khaki Campbells fighting terribly. Sometimes the Pekin would run over and get involved. When I separated the Khaki Campbells, one would charge at the other across the yard. I noticed the smaller one was bleeding. I picked her up, and her rear toe on her left foot had been ripped out. She was also bleeding from the neck where she was being bitten. I cleaned her up, coated the wounds in neosporin, and put her in a big dog crate for the night.

    Today, when I let the girls out they all went and ate just fine. As soon as the girls were done eating, the khaki campbell who had been separated overnight ran over and attacked the other khaki campbell.I tried separating them, and as soon as they saw each other they were at it again. I've never seen ducks fight like this. Sooner or later the smaller one is going to get killed. Today I am letting her roam with the others, and put the other one up.

    Anyone have any idea what could get this started after almost three years, or what I can do about it.
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    its the all female thing, and when the muscovy was introduced,she was put into the order of dominance, now the little khaki wants to be over the muscovy and the muscovy probably accepted that, no fighting, now the other khaki cambell wants to be sure her place is kept while the smaller one cannot accept that still waning to show the muscovy that it is the dominant one their.

    Something like that maybe and separting didnt help it caused more stress, more tension, and more anger to build up from the small one who was taken away from the fight, which is why as soon as she got out she attacked the larger one again.
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    Interesting. The Muscovy being an issue never came to my mind because she has been part of the flock for 9 months now. The Khaki Campbells have usually kind of hung together- often not with the others- so this seems really weird. The Muscovy couldn't care less about any of this, and it just seems to be between the Khaki Campbells. I'm not sure what to do short of separating them though. The one duck was already bleeding like a stuck pig yesterday where her claw was ripped out, but I on't want to coop one up all day. They normally have the whole yard to roam through.
    Any suggestions?
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    I'm seeing my girls going at it some now, boys are just standing around minding their own business when all of a sudden one of the girls will start something with another girl next one is chasing the other then they all including the boys run over to watch and cheer them on. [they all like a good fight] I've never had one get hurt though except maybe their feelings. Just seems this time of year the girls like to start on each other. If one of mine got injured I would put them in another part of the yard with some of my others. I have old ones who have to live separate from the younger ones i guess I'd place her in there and hope all went well. i have noticed even my old ones coming out in the morning acting like they want to start something with each other. Have no idea why they pick this time of year. Hope yours settles down soon and they all begin to get along again. There is always a dominant duck whether duck or drake and usually once that gets understood everything starts to settle down until someone tries to get the queen or king off their throne. Then it starts again.
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    Yeah, I guess I will keep them separated for a while. They have just never fought before, and these two have always hung together, so it just seems so weird. We always joke about the khaki Campbells going off somewhere together. Our Pekin, Sonia, is definitely alpha duck, with Duckard the muscovy in second place. :)
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    So now these 2 girls have to work out where they are in the duck pecking order. But be sure to keep them where they can still see each other. You could try putting the Scovy or Pekin in with her so she doesn't feel completely abandoned .
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    It's funny people always talk about drakes fighting and being territorial yet they seem to not discuss the ducks, often mine go at it.. as younger ones mature, others have to sort their place and not necessarily does it mean the youngers are the underdogs, totally depends on the ducks..

    When they leave to set a nest they often have to reestablish their place too. I usually do not intervene in fights unless it gets nasty, they have to sort it out ...flock dynamics are complex and frankly i find the females run the show, the drakes just think they do. [​IMG]
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    You hit the nail on the head. GQ.
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    LOL! So true when I brought home 2 adult female Rouens for my 2 big Pekin Drakes, I put them right in with each other. Those girls walked into the run an told them whos boss and who will be running the show. They get to eat first, get water first and get the pool first lol!!! My poor Pekins didnt know what to do and they still dont lol!!!
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