Duck to Drake ratio question.

u could keep 2 males but not three, i have a couple in pairs and i got one that is 2-5 ratio, i like to see 1-4 is perfect in my eyes, but everyone has their thoughts. in hatcherys they have alot higher number like 1-10 i believe.
Well, i have 9 cayugas, 5 boys and 4 girls, all in the same house and run and it has never been a problem except when ducklings arrive.... i have to take babies out or the males injure them
The recommended ratio is 1:4-6. Sometimes a bad ratio will work but if you choose to keep more than 1 you need to have a backup plan in mind if there is a problem. Too many drakes can injure or kill the girls so I'm glad that you are thinking ahead. Again, sometimes it works for some people.

Right now, I have 9 females (4, adults, 5- 4.5 month) and 3 drakes (1 adult, 2 - 4.5 months) and some younger ducklings (4 F, 2 M) but 1 of the 4.5 month old drakes is already becoming a problem and will be going to the freezer to join the other extras I had. Their dad and the other juvenile are fine.
Thanks for the thoughts guys. I'm thinking we will wait until all the boys fully feather out and then decide which we want to keep. I know for sure we won't keep all three, but I am thinking we may try two until it becomes a problem and then eat one of them. I tried so hard to not become attached to them all because I know we weren't going to keep ALL of them, but I can't help living each and every one of them. :)
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