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May 9, 2011
Hey everyone, I've got another question for you. I been letting Lewie out more often and trying to get him and the dog to get along more. While doing this I've been taking notice to a few things. He's BORED!!!!! I never really thought about it when we still had Howard, but now that Lewie is an only duck, he has nobody to really play with. Granted, he follows me around everywhere I go and when I'm able to get ahold of him, he'll lets me pet him ect. But last night he kept doing anything he could to try and play with things. First he would "peck" at Sam's tail and then run away. When that didnt work, he resorted to lightly tugging at Sam's hair and then run off. Once I stood up and he went nuts! He dropped his head close to the floor and ran all through the house quacking. Only to come back and quack rather loudly at me when I sat back down. What kind of toys can I get for him so that he can play and have fun? As of current all he has to resort to is chasing us through the house and teasing the dog. Which he absolutely loves to do, LOL. Any suggestions would be great, I dont want him to get too lonely or bored.


Well the best duck 'toys' would be another duck or two
That will probably be the best thing for him. Other ideas include foods he can forage like small fish in a pond. My ducks walk around the yard all day and look for bugs. Ducks don't really play with toys, they just goober around with each other and the member of their flock (You, the dog, the cat) Most stimulation will come from outdoors or other ducks... sorry.
Funny you mention other ducks. Me and my wife are talking about that at this exact moment. We are actually planning on going to our local Runnings and buying a incubator. One thing that we have noticed is that even though Lewie is "social", he's still scared of us to an extent. He'll come close and sneak up near us, until we look at him. Then he'll run off and start to sneak back a few mins later. The idea of an incubator is to get some eggs that will actually imprint on us. We got our first two from the store at about 3 weeks old. I've read that imprinting is better yet because they accept humans more that way. So ultimately we are just trying to keep him entertained and happy until the spring rolls around and we can actually start fresh and get him a play mate. The only worry I have about that is how a full grown drake will deal with new chicks being around that he's never known before. So many questions, so little time.

My ducks are terrified of toys. We tried to give them cat toys as ducklings to distract them in the brooder. You would have thought we were trying to kill them!!!!
My ducks like to free range and hunt for bugs, swim in their pools and pester each other only interrupted by a nap every hour on the hour.

Good luck figuring out what to do to keep Lewie occupied.
i buy my ducks bird toys that wiggle or have beeds attached lol they love those so much and i also buy them little CAT mouse toys ahahaha they llooooovvveeeeee those
My ducks, 4 Pekins, love to ring bells!! Try hanging a bell on something for your duck. They also love empty paper towel or TP rolls, stuffed animals, cloth, pipe cleaners, & get him a cheap $ Store mirror too!
I actually tried the mirror with him last night. It didnt end well. He looked at it for a few minutes and then proceeded to attack it! I had to take it away from him before he broke the glass and hurt himself. I may try some cat toys when I goto Walmart later today.

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