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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Deester, Dec 31, 2014.

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    Aug 19, 2013
    Question to all. I have ducks. This is the second year we own them. Last year they stopped laying in November. This year in October. I have forced lighting that comes on at 4 pm and goes off at 7:30 am. Same as last year.

    My question is that I was talking to someone and they said that Chickens lay all year. Is that true. I thought that with the forced lighting mine would lay for a longer period. They started up again in February last year.

    Any clarification on this would be great.

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    May 19, 2014
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    I don't have chickens, but no chickens don't lay all year. Ducks are suppose to more prolific layers as well. I'm sure it depends on the type of duck and chickens you have though.
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    Ducks are generally seasonal layers, the amount they lay will vary massively upon the breed, their is a hybrid 300 for instance now that ducks does what it sounds like aprox. 300 eggs per year, all that said and done my scovies usually stop in late fall and resume end of winter.. so October thru to Febish..

    Now i do have a pekin who has returned to laying, that did surprise me. I honestly have barely seen the sun in days. I do not artificially light anyone here.

    As for chickens same applies most pullets first year lay, i have some.. then older girls take a break, usually a molt too(have some doing that too) as well depends on the breeds, the commercial high level layers will do more, whereas some of the more out the box breeds not as much.

    As of this moment, i have some mature bantams laying still, i find those lay rather well even in winter, they are slow to start but once they get going seems they barely cease. Of coarse being 'broody monsters' is likely why(I have cochin and silkies)

    Many times i have read of methods of storing eggs for learner times.. most birds do need a break, that is why i don't artificially light, i think of quality vs quantity here and want the birds to go a few years vs maxing them out in the first 2-3yrs. [​IMG]
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