Duck walking like it's drunk

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by call ducks, May 10, 2012.

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    OK so here's something i have never seen. I have a duck that is walking as if she were drunk i have not seen this before (been raising ducks for 7-8 years now) when she walks she walks low to the ground (not full stance) and spreds her wings out to use them almost like crutches. I am thinking something nerolocial as she is almost two years now.
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    It could also be botulism or some other toxin. I've seen birds do that when botulism gets to them. Gulls, for example, are easily suspectible to botulism and one of the early signs is walking like they're drunk and falling over easily. It gets steadily worse if they got a lot of the poison and it could end up fatal.

    I'm not saying this is happening to your duck, but something is not right. I would, at least make sure she gets lots if fluids and keep her in a quiet place. Others may have more suggestions as I am not experienced with dealing with this in ducks.
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    Sounds like botulism, here is a post with info about it. The following solutions or mixtures are recommended to flush the digestive system of toxic substances, most notably for treating birds exposed to botulism toxins.

    Molasses Solution

    Add one pint of molasses to 5 gallons of water

    Offer the drinking solution free-choice to the affected birds for about four hours. Treat severely affected birds individually if they cannot drink. Return the birds to regular water after the treatment period.

    As a supportive treatment for symptoms resulting from Cryptosporidia infection, often referred to as coronaviral enteritis, use:

    One quart molasses in 20 gallons of water

    Offer this solution free-choice for a period of up to 7-10 days. It is assumed that the molasses replaces certain minerals lost from diarrhea during the course of the infection.

    Epsom Salt Solution

    1 lb Epsom Salt per 15 lb feed
    1 lb Epsom Salt per 5 gallons water for 1 day

    Give the epson salt feed mixture as the sole feed source for a one day period. This feed can be used only if the birds are eating. If the birds are not eating, use the water solution. If the birds are unable to eat or drink by themselves, use individual treatment with:

    1 teaspoon of Epsom Salt in 1 fl oz water

    Place the solution in the crop of the affected bird. This same amount of solution will treat 5-8 quail or one chicken.

    Castor Oil Therapy

    Dose individual birds with .5 oz castor oil.
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    Any word on the duck?
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    Just had the same problem with a Muscovy duckling. I gave him some water with Epsom and charcoal, not sure how much he drank but is starting to look better. First I thought it may have been from him eating tomato leaves, but another post seemed to dispel that. I did find some milkweed plants missing leaves, so pulled all them.
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    please keep us posted! And fresh water for the duckling! Don't force it, but be sure the little one has plenty to drink from. Epsom salt is a laxative and while it can really help if they have ingested a toxin, it can dehydrate them.

    Have you seen the sticky on flushes?

    And ducklings are tender little critters, so I would proceed with caution... sounds like you are doing what you can do. Is he eating?

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