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    Im getting ducks for the first time in the spring and I dont know what to use to give them drinking water. I want to use something other than a tub. If you could post your ideas with picture if possible that would be great. Im not sure if this matters but the breed im getting in the spring is byff orpington duck. Thanks in advance!! [​IMG]
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    Ducklings need to be closely supervised with water. As they age by the weeks they will need a waterer deep enough to get their head in and dunk to clear their nares. Little waters and things like chickens use don't work well for them. When they eat they have to have deep enough water to fully dunk and wash their nostrils clear of food.

    Even the largest ducklings manage to squeeze through tiny holes in water containers and can drown. You need to give them a set feed time sevral times inthe day and supervise their water usage and swim times.

    When they get older and arre out of the brooder they need something like a kiddie pool, trough or water bucket to get their heads in deep to clear their nares. If they can have a water bucket and a pool or pond as they mature they will be super happy.

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