Duck waterer and brooder?! theyre too big!


8 Years
Feb 24, 2011
my 2 pekins are
a month old
and a month and a half

THEYRE HUGE! and outgrew their plastic tub. Ive set bed diapers in my room and blocked off a space for them
once in a while ill take them outside for a walk because temperatures right now arent so great

so Im wondering whats the best thing to do? Should I put them in the den with their heat lamp?

& since their heads are bigger they also outgrew their small waterer and so I fill up a small tupperware every now and then

If Im gonna end up putting them in the den I want them to have a good waterer so I dont have to get up every 4 am to refill it

Can you keep them in the bath tub or shower at night?? Not to sure how the bathrooms are where you live- if they differ much in shape etc to here..But I have used both at times when needed. You would need to use a towel or some kind of material in the bottom- but you can put the water container right over the drain- so that there isnt too much mess. Instead of tupperware when I run out of waterers- I use containers from food - I cut the lid so they they can still get their heads into the water- but cant get their whole bodies into.

A bath or shower can be easily cleaned out- remove the towel for washing- and turn on the tap. Not an ideal place for them to live- and you might have issues finding somewhere to attach the lamp- but it could at least give you a few extra days to work out something more permanent for them.
I cant really do that because I have family that goes in nd out of the shower every couple hours and every morning the same starting from 6 am.

I want to maybe put them in the den this weekend but I dont know if itll be a good idea or not considering were not
in the best weather right now:/
Is there a retail electrical appliance store somewhere near you?? You could go and see if they have any cardboard boxes you can have. Places like that will sometimes have HUGE ones that are great for use with ducks. You can cut them down if needed- the floor will get wet and soggy quickly if you leave cardboard at the base. Just trying to think of ways for you to house them inside for a while longer that wont cost too much.
I just threw their humongous cardboard box out because they kept trying to eat it!

I came home once and there was a hole about 4" x 4" that they ate. every time I turned around to walk away they starting pecking at it

believe me, Im running out of ideas too
I got the starter kit from metzer farms, and they ate a hole about that big!

One of the reason I NEED to get them out of their brooder asap. Especially since they are outgrowing it.
If I needed to get them a new enclosure, and couldn't put them outside, I would run to walmart and they are selling these huge containers, so those might work.
My great grandbabies have out grew their playpens and I plan to use those for my ducklings. Maybe you can find one at a yard sale or goodwill or a cosignment shop. I have the ones with the net around it. They are cheap and can easily be moved around. I'm suppose to get my ducklings the first week in april and when they are old enough to put on grass just turn the pen upside down and let the bottom hang down. I can then pull the playpen around and not have to worry about clean-up.

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