Duck with broken neck? or strained?


6 Years
Jul 15, 2013
i came outside last night and my male khaki campbell calvin had a very large bulge in his neck that he was resting his head on. at first it just looked like he had recently been a little piggy and scarfed down a to of crumble and i thought maybe it was just his crop. but he had it as well this morning. he has been quieter than usual, but he is still quacking and he runs around like nothing is wrong, but when he eats or drinks he looks a bit strained trying to stretch his neck down, but he still manages fine. i felt where he would have a big full crop and it just feels like his neck is jutting out wierd. i dont know if i should do anything? it happened right after he was nipping at some newer ducks in the flock, so maybe he just hyper extended himself and is trying to recover, or he strained it? i dunno,, its a little better than yesterday but some help would be great!

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