Duck with crazy head flipping


In the Brooder
Mar 25, 2016
I came home this evening and as I always do looked in the bird house to check on all of my feathered babies. I found my male welsh harloquin duck with his head flipped back and he was throwing it from side to side. I immediately grabbed him to investigate and somehow it flipped back in the normal position. I put him back down and by the time I turned around he had it backwards swaying again. I grabbed him up and brought him inside and put him into a cool bathtub and gave him electrolytes and food. He immediately started playing and acting like nothing was wrong. Can anyone please tell me what the heck happened? I went back out and grabbed my girls and threw them in too just in case.


8 Years
Jul 26, 2014
Well so far he hasn't done it again. Hopefully it was a one time thing!

You think maybe he had an itchy eye or something and was trying to scratch/rub it on his back? I've seen my ducks do that before and it can look pretty frantic sometimes if they get a bug or something in their eye. Well, whatever it was, I'm glad he's not doing it anymore and seems ok now. :)

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