Duck with foot problem, Can anyone help?

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    Dec 13, 2012
    Anyone got any ideas why my female pekin is getting this on the bottom of her feet? I though it was bumble foot but it doesn't act like it. I was prepared to do surgery but its more like the pad of her foot is being smashed. I did cut some of it off and its now secured in a booty wrapped up. She walks fine the problem not really bothering her, i just don't want it to get worse and have to put her down.

    I noticed that my male is starting to get it a little but they do walk differently. she seems to to waddle more than he does.

    She was in a confined run with chickens were all the grass is gone and it does get really muddy after it rains. She is now separated with her male in an areas were there is all grass during recovery.

    Any ideas how to get there feed better?

    Any info will be helpful.

    I'm planing on trying to remove all of the damage a little at a time cause she seems to feel a lot of pain, not to mention she isn't rather found of us.

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