Duck with frozen foot

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    Feb 16, 2009
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    Our prized Muscovy drake appears to have a frozen foot. The toes are curled upwards and it seems he can't use them, he is walking strangely. The female seems fine. I brought them both inside to let them warm up and to monitor them. my son noticed something was wrong with his foot yesterday, but I mistakenly didn't take him seriously. (he is always telling us that something is wrong with the poultry)

    The outside temps reached -22F (-30C), maybe colder. The pair has a lower level pen inside our very tight chicken coop which opens to an outside covered run. It was -13F (-25C) most of yesterday, and the ducks were mostly inside, but they went out as their food/water is outside.

    I'm not really sure what I should do, if anything other than wait and see from here.


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    Hi Heather

    Just wondering how your Muscovy fared. I went out to the barn yesterday to find my Muscovy drake army crawling all over the place. Turns out his feet were frozen solid. The other ducks are fine, I think he must have been standing in the puddle the ducks create beside the waterer - one of his favorite spots - when we had that big overnight temperature drop night before last (I'm in Orillia) He's inside now and standing again, but his feet look pretty bad - lots of dead, grey looking skin. Did your duck ever recover?


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