Duck with hurt leg and lack of quack...

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    May 15, 2010
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    This afternoon I found my blue Swedish drake, "Sweedie", tangled up in some hay string that my children had tied to an old car luggage caddy that we had turned into a miniature duck pond. His foot was tangled up at the ankle joint and we're not exactly sure how long he'd been there before being noticed. When I ran to undo his foot, he was whispering his quack, and his foot had turned purple and cold. I took him up to the house, put him in our big cage with water and moist food, and he's still dragging his hurt foot, though it's warm now. I've made him stand on it a while, but he starts shaking and has to lay down. He's still not quacking well, and will eat a little food, and I have to pretty much stick his bill in the water. I am new to ducks, and this big boy is only about 4 months old. Should I be doing anything extra to help his leg heal? I am not sure if it's just sore or broken. Is there some sort of makeshift sling I can make? And he's not eating or drinking very well, and I'm sure he's got to be thirsty, since it's already getting pretty warm here. I'm worried that we're going to lose him, and my kids are attached to this certain duck.
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    Quote:If he is not drinking his water and is acting weak- put sugar in it. That will give him a little more energy.

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