duck with labored breathing

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    May 9, 2011
    [​IMG] half mallard, half campbell duck, approx. 2 months old has labored breathing with bobbing tail, no appetite for starter mash. Mouth closed, eyes and nostrils clear. drinks water and eats bugs with relish but wont eat mash or scratch grains. Poop normal. i am forcing wet, ground mash down her and giving plenty of Gatorade. mash has NutriDrench adde d too. she sits on towel on recliner all day breathing fast, doesnt move around alot unless a cat bothers her or i go to pick her up for feeding. got outside yesterday and joined other ducks but didnt jump in pool. trying to keep her seperate but i leave the back door open all the time and she headed out. any thoughts? i would love to take her to the vet but i have to wait on SS check sept. 3rd. she also preens and her quack is raspy and weak, but she isnt weak. trying to keep her going til Sept. thanks for any ideas Q
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    Quote:How long has this been going on? Also if you would post in the duck thread you might get more response, I have ducks but don't have a clue what it could be, what kind of bedding are you keeping her on. possibly brooder pneumonia[sp]? Really don't know though.

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