Duck with neck problem


8 Years
May 14, 2011
I have a Cayuga girl, approaching maturity. Around a week ago I noticed her acting a little slower than usual, and not having a swim. I examined her at the time and found nothing wrong, so let her carry on. Keeping an eye on her though.

And today I see she was sipping from the pool but being very tentative with her neck, only tipping her head back enough to get the water down her throat. She looks scruffy now too, probably due to not swimming. And looking at her neck, it appears to have more pronounced curves in it than usual, both the one at the back of the head, and the one at the front of the neck.

Could she have injured her neck? Or is it general unwellness that makes her hold her head low so the curves look bigger. I went out to catch her and bring her in for a bath inside but she took off with her friend into an area where she knows I can't get her, so will bring her in tonight and take a closer look at her and a photo.

La Mike

(Always Slightly Off)
10 Years
Nov 20, 2009
Most likely an injury. Hope it gets better for you

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