Duck Yard to prevent Bumble foot....


Aug 12, 2016
I have Two Duckles I'm treating for bumblefoot. Expecting Tricide Neo in mail soon.
We Live in clay which turns into Soup in spring, especially after they munch the Grass so I spread out some Pit run gravel to dry the Low spots.Has been working fantastic to keep those areas Dry, poo drys out ect... However I had just added some new, Now I have two babies with bumble, after noticing there are sharp broken pieces of rock, I suspect this is what is causing it. I'm thinking I either need to cover it with reg old soft dirt again, or Sand but hearing alot of infection causing issues with sand. Maybe since I'm not using it in Run but rather in Large fenced in yard area? I had thought about mulch, straw ect... But even outside in that area Mold would be an issue. These Guys are only a year old so Someone with Years of experience would be Greatly Appreciated. What do your Ducks spend most of their time walking on ? Please and Thankyou!

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