Jun 17, 2022
I am so excited to share with you all that my duck Daisy hatched and egg two days ago and I decided I would share the adorable little muffin with you all as she takes the journey to adulthood. My duck Daisy is a buff duck bread with my make duck Donald who is a Pekin. And together they made a wonderful little angle named Dixie or if she is a male then his name is Duck Noris (I am hoping it’s a girl).

Everyday I will be posting a new picture with descriptions on what is going on.(except on the 10-20) today she SWAM FOR THE FIRST TIME!! It’s was too cute.

If most of you were on my post ducklings in the way you know I had one of them pass away. She suffered from a awkward leg and a bloating issue. I will be posting a picture of her grave site here and on my post ducklings on the way. But we must look forward to the happy future. And just a reminder fine the good in to e day but the bad. 🙂
Dixie and her parents are beautiful. How is she getting into the pool? Hopefully, someone is watching her because they can get waterlogged and drown pretty easily, Watch your drake too. Not all like ducklings.
We do watch them vary carelfully. She only goes on the water when people are outside and my drake only hurt her once and go in bad trouble so he won’t be doing that again. She also just jumps into the pool but she only goes in when the other ducks are not in (sometimes) 😂. And what is waterlogged?
That means her down isn't waterproof and can accumulate a lot of water to where she could drown. It takes a while to get the preen glad working good and the duckling preening and spreading the oils over her down then as she begins to get her adult feathers so she'll be waterproof.

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