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Apr 23, 2014
One of my ducks started nesting on some eggs (20 of them) about one and a half-two weeks ago and I've been candeling them nightly to check on their development, but I think some of them are behind. She originally started with 16 eggs but during the first four days of nesting she laid another four eggs. Now I think those eggs got a late start on development. I am worried that most of them will hatch on the same day but those four won't and they'll be left behind just days before they hatch. Is this something to worry about? Or will mama sit on all of them until they hatch? Or will they somehow sink up with the others? This is my first large hatch so I'm a bit anxious. I am going to separate the duckings from mama when they first hatch if that makes a difference (I have too many cats for them to be lose with her).

Thanks in advance!
It really depends on the hen. Some will wait, while others will leave the eggs behind. Do you have an incubator available? If you do, I'd fire it up so that it can be the right temperature to place the eggs in if need be. You could then give them to momma afterwards.

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