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8 Years
May 21, 2011
hey guys im new to ducks and the forum i just ordered some cayuga ducklings and they will be here thursday the latest so i want my brooder set up by then i have everything so far i just am stuck on the light bulb wattage what is the recommended wattage for a duck brooder by the way the brooder is just a kiddie pool with substrate
It really depends on your climate.
They need to be at 85 degrees the first week, 80 degrees the second, 75 the third...
well i live in new york and the weather here has been all over the place i know they need to be at a certain temp i just need to know what wattage bulb would give me that heat level
If you get a "red" heat lamp from Agway or TSC, and tell them what it is for, that will be fine. You can adjust the temp by raising or lowering the heat lamp above the brooder.

Keep a thermometer in the brooder to monitor the heat. It is best to set up the brooder and heat it a few days before their arrival. That way you have enough time to make any adjustments necessary.
I just stick a thermometer in the brooder, and raise and lower the lamp to get the required temperature. You want the brooder to be big enough that they can move away from the lamp if they are too hot. You can tell by watching the ducklings if they are comfortable. They'll move away if too hot. In that case you will want to raise the lamp. I use a small plastic sour creme or butter tub for water. I cut out a portion of the lid, big enough for them to stick their head in and get a drink. You may want to weigh it down with some large marbles, so it doesn't tip over. When mine are larger I use one of those big plastic ice creme tubs, and do the same to the lid. It works good. You don't want them to be able to get in the water as they may drown when they are that small.
alright i didnt even think of goin to agway and the water idea either thanks guy i will post pics when they arrive and let you know how it went

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