Duckling colorings?


Jul 3, 2017
NE Missouri
Any ideas what the babies coloring will be? She is due to hatch Babies in about two weeks. I’m curious.
Muscovies I'm not as well-versed in as mallard-derived ducks, but I think I can help you with this one :)

So, your male looks to be chocolate. That would normally mean sex-linked babies, as long as the hen wasn't chocolate. Your hen is white. That's where the complication comes in - white can 'cover up' every other color, so unless you know her parentage, there's no way to say what color she is genetically 'under' the white.

However, all the babies will be pied, theoretically, since your male looks to be solid, though I do see some white spots on his belly, but that might just be white feathers coming in with age.

All your female ducklings will be some color involving chocolate, maybe chocolate pied, or they could be lilac too, depending on what color the mother really is. The male babies will be whatever color the mom is 'under' the white, so maybe black pied, maybe blue pied, etc. Maybe even they will be chocolate too, if the mom is really chocolate 'under' the white.
Ohhhh thank you so much. That’s awesome. I think she’s a mix no idea what her mom and dad were. I do hope I get some lilac. That would be so pretty. She is sitting on 6 so when they hatch I’ll get pictures. I was trying to google it but couldn’t find anything. Not sure what to look for.
She had 6 now 4! I don’t know what happened.:(
I had 6 ducks go broody this year. Many of them lost their eggs one by one until there were none. I don't think it was a predator because many times I saw the hens eating the eggs. I think the eggs just weren't developing and they were cleaning out the nests. (I'm at high altitude and it's very hard to hatch eggs so I wasn't surprised they were having trouble.) Perhaps your hen got rid of the bad eggs from her nest.

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