Duckling deaths - odd


Mar 4, 2018
New England
So I got my first pair of snowy mallards with my chickens back in the end of February. They were 3 days old when I got them. All seemed fine but on day 6 late at night I found a duckling dead...

I felt so bad for the lonely one we went to TSC and had to get SIX MORE... just 2 days ago my spouse found one of the ducklings dead... and now I just found another. Different breeds...

Should I be medicating them all now that I've lost some?

None of the others are sick. No blood, no worms, all these ducklings just looked tired and small.
Welcome to BYC and so sorry for your losses. May I suggest that google the name of your state and "veterinary diagnostic lab", then contact them and ask about having a necropsy done? That way if it's something contagious you'll know if you should medicate the others.

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