duckling genders? (2 white pekin - 3 wks) (2 swedish - 2 days)


6 Years
Jun 9, 2013
Newport, New Hampshire
hi all, we got 2 white pekin ducklings 3 weeks ago and just picked up 2 swedish ducklings today. was wondering if anyone knows the genders of these guys? if you need specific photos, let me know and ill try and get them.

aw, they are so cute! at that age, vent sexing, possibly voice at about 3 weeks i started to hear some differing voices with my pekin but usually it's closer to 5-6wks when the true voice of their sex comes through.
Alright, thank you. These are the first ducklings we've ever had, I've read around briefly that with Swedish, you sometimes could tell my the feet color but I wasn't sure if there were other tricks with either breed so I figured I would post :)

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