Duckling having sudden seizures


Mar 14, 2021
I’m really concerned for my duckling right now since she just recovered from some sort of fungal infection last week. She seemed to be better until my dad put down some hay in the coop yesterday. She started to run and hit walls and start quacking and then flip over on her back and start flapping her wings and legs. Maybe it’s from our neighbors fertilizer? But I don’t think she’s put any down lately. Does anybody know the reason why and the cure?
It is common for crested ducks to have seizures, so that won't be your issue. Do you have any other ducklings or is it just the one? If you have others, are they displaying anything unusual?

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Just the one (but I hatched out 2 other females I didn't hatch any more ducklings afterwards). Do you think she got a birth defect? She was the last one to hatch out...
Was your duckling being treated for fungal infection by a vet?
How old is your duckling?
What are you feeding including treats and are you giving any supplements.
No because unfortunately the only avian vets that I have are in NYC they're about half an hour away from me but they're very expensive. So we just mixed some Vitamin D and electrolytes in her water and gave her chick starter.

She's about 1 1/2 months old

We only give her mealworms as treats (rest of my answer is included in my 1st response)
Here is some info on fungal infections diseases
Can you tell us what her symptoms were when she was having the fungal infection please?
She would always sit, Usually my other ducklings would get super scared and start running when I try to hold them but the sick duckling didn't even realize I was gonna pick her up until I did. If you want I have some old pictures of the infection but now the bald spots are gone.

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