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Sorry I am asking a lot of questions...

When your ducklings have been taken off the heat, where do you keep them then? We have an unused stall in our sheds that I am allowed to use, but it has no electricity and I am wondering if the ducklings would get too cold?

Aparrently I can't put them out with the others on the outside pond until they have developed waterproofing, and my mum doesn't want them in the house after they are off the heat because she says it is cruel and unhygenic. What do you think?

P.S. My other ducks have free range of an apple orchard + pond in the daytime, and they have a small shed to go in at night time.
They need to stay in a brooder until they get thier feathers, sometimes i move them out sooner if the weather is nice though. They have to have a heat light though or they will die.

ETA: I build a wooden box for my brooder. I keep it on the back porch (which is closed in). I use a large heat lamp that hangs over the edge.
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My ducklings start out in a big, 150-gallon plastic stock tank with the brooder lamp. Once they've been "hardened off" the heat lamp, they go in a chicken-wire run (covered in deer netting to protect them from hawks) during the day, and stay in dog crates (the kind with plastic trays in the bottom) in the garage (where it's a few degrees warmer) overnight - until they're around 2 months old and they move outside into their plywood pens and runs permanently.
Thank you
We haven't got the ducklings yet. We're going to start incubating our first lot soon though!!

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