duckling loves snuggles


Jun 22, 2022
omg i think i have a favorite. red (i haven't named them so i'm going by their leg tag colors) keeps wanting to be held and he/she keeps going to the edge of the tote i'm using as the brooder and looks up and quacks till i hold him. the other 3 run from my hand unless i have food and start quacking when i hold them. but red just wants to snuggle.
photogenic queen
Its so nice when ducklings want to be held and cuddled. My rescue muscovy was like that a year ago -- we got him ducky friends when he was 5 weeks old, but he still now follows me around when I am in the garden. He still wants cuddles although he doesn't like being picked up -- he is a big fat lump and it is likely uncomfortable for him when I do have to pick him up. So, I sit on the back step and he sits next to me and we cuddle. I am not allowed to cuddle with one hand and use the other to cuddle another duck -- I get pecked until I use two hands on him!

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