Duckling missing eye?


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Jul 3, 2017
New Jersey
On the 8th I bought 2 ducklings from Tractor Supply and just noticed the one duckling seems to be missing an eye. I read on another thread that it might just be stuck closed so I tried cleaning it with both a cotton ball and a q-tip but it appears there isn't even an eye there. Along with what seems to be a missing eye I've noticed the duckling randomly walking in circles and strangely rotating its head to the left. These are my first ducks so I'm not sure what to do, any advice would be appreciated!


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The duckling does appear to have no eye, though I've never seen this before I believe he/she's probably had it since birth and so I really would just watch her and make sure it doesn't become infected or anything else. If it doesn't I would think she would be fine and learn how to cope without the eye, it will be harder for her to sense predators and the such as she gets older but there's not much you can do about that:confused:. One of my chickens seems to have developed something in one of her eyes that has caused her to go blind (thinking ocular mereks) in that eye and she's still alive, doing fine, and has seemed to accustomed to doing fine with it. The whole rotating its head to the left is probably just so it can see better with his/her good eye.

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