Duckling not growing.

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    Apr 19, 2011
    Greetings everyone!

    In late May of this year, I hatched out a call duckling from only a few eggs- all of which from my own birds. The two parents were almost certainly not related, as they were from separate breeders in different states. A single duckling hatched from the two or so eggs collected, it was really just a test hatch for the incubator. The duckling hatched unaided, and looked great. She continued looking fine, growing on pace for a few weeks- but soon, she simply stopped growing.

    Her wings were exceedingly small, and still are; she has only a few more developed feathers on her, the rest is still fluffy. She's very small, and her nose often gets clogged. She often has poop stuck to her vent area, which we clean off. She has a poor sense of balance, and has trouble reaching her oil gland, as she'll start to fall. Needless to say, we grew increasingly concerned as time went on, and tried as many things as we could, but we weren't holding our breath. We've tried Niacin supplements, increased protein, more sunlight, and currently antibiotics are on the way, but nothing so far has helped. She's over 16 weeks old and she's still very small and looks generally unwell.

    That's our little saga. We're simply not sure to do now- and if she continues to do so poorly, we'll have to take more drastic measures. If anyone has a diagnosis or hopefully a suggested cure, I'd be much appreciative. I can't provide pictures at the moment, but will attempt to in the future, if it would be helpful. Thanks for any suggestions,


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