Duckling not moving


May 28, 2020
hello! i ordered a couple weeks ago four rouen ducks. today we had the ducks out and the dogs were tied up with the leash in the ground. the dogs pulled the leash out of the ground and attacked on of my ducklings. she didn't do that bad of damage with no blood or any big signs of injury besides she is unable to move her right leg. she cannot stand up or move her right leg at all. she seems perfectly healthy and doesn't seem in pain with no quacking in pain. but i also found out ducks like hiding their pain so they don't look weak in front of predators. she has whiteish brownish greenish poop depending on that moment and the poop is getting stuck under her since she can't stand up to move to poop. what should i do?


May 22, 2020
The Netherlands
Can you upload a picture of the duckling and the position of the leg? and other lesions if any? That will help the people who know more about it than I do give you a better advise.

I hope your duckling makes a full recovery but dog teeth are strong compared to a tiny duckling... so fingers crossed

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