Duckling picture for Bigdawg :o)


Apr 10, 2009
Upstate NY - Albany area
Thanks for sending me the pictures of the ducklings you hatched for us, they are so cute! I am thrilled that you got 2 black swedes, very cool! Here is one of the pictures you sent so you can show off what a fantastic job you did with the hatch and with raising the ducklings....

Oh my gosh!! Tattoo, I bet these two little ducks that hatched ARE from you eggs because two of bigdawgs ducklings look just like ours!! The yellow with a little darker on the head and a all yellow. They must have been early, but I didnt put them in that long after the runner eggs so its possible.
bigdawg, the babies are adorable!!!
thank you for getting a picture on here for me, they are your grand duckies.

You are welcome! I love duckies but I do feel especially attached to Runty's babies. He is such a sweet drake so hopefully his babies will be just like him.
Aww! So then it sounds like you might have a pekin and a welsh harlequin, cute! I have my eggs on lockdown early because we have at least one working hard on escaping so I wouldn't be surprised at all if your ducklings did hatch early. I am a bit perplexed by it since we collect eggs every day, if not several times a day so it's not like the duck sat on them or anything. Odd but as long as they are all healthy then I suppose it's ok.
i did some research on hatching duck eggs and from what i have read they can hatch from 25 to 28 days. so we are doing everything right. gotta go its time for ducks in the tub, they just love there daily swims. and clean there brooder to.

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