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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by lauren818, Mar 12, 2016.

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    Hi there, I have 3 ducklings and 4 chicks in 2 separate pens. Right now I have one of the ducklings (2 weeks old) with the 4 chicks. The other 2 ducklings (1 week old) are in their own pen. When I tried introducing the older duckling to the other 2, the older one started biting at the younger ones wings and backs and cornering them while doing that. So I put her back in with the chicks. Is it normal for there to be dominance issues with ducklings? I'm new to the duckling thing. (Also side note- the older duckling had a companion initially but she died right away which is why she is with the chicks now, I didn't know if keeping a duckling by itself in its own pen was cruel or not. I just figured it would get lonely). Should I continue to keep them separated or put the older duckling in with its own kind? Thanks in advance!
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    You are right about what is going on, I think.

    So. Ducklings do need company . . . can you set it up so that the one older duckling is in the same brooder but separated by plastic poultry fence, with its own water and food? That way it can see the others and not harm them.

    As darling as ducklings are, they'll go after smaller ducklings very often.

    An unbreakable mirror is a big help for lonely ducklings.

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