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11 Years
Apr 1, 2008
I have 2 ducklings that are getting pretty big. I am not sure how old they are, but i'd say that they are about a foot long from tip of tail to chest. How much longer do they need the heat lamp? I've been slowly pointing it upwards to lessen the heat. Also, what is the lowest temperature they can withstand outside at this size? They are really starting to stink up my room, and they love being outside, so I want to get them out there ASAP. How big should their pen be? I was going to make it out of chicken wire, and have a sort of hutch or house for them to go in at night or if it gets chilly, and have a plastic kiddie pool in it for them to drink/bathe. Sound good? Anybody have an age guess? They drink water like CRAZZZZY! I have to refill their waterer probably 3-4 times a day. And we let them swim every few days in the bathtub. One loves diving, while one isn't too big on it. It's amazing how quickly they develop is very friendly, and follows the other, while the other is more skittish and is the leader of the two.

Sorry for so many questions!



12 Years
Mar 15, 2007
Washington State
I wouldn't worry too much about putting waterfowl out at 2-3 weeks. But, they certainlyl need a good heat lamp and protection from wind. Also, I've lost more ducks and geese to drowning than anything else. Do not let them swim unsupervised until they are fully feathered. And even then, put some bricks in the pool so they can stand in there if they become stranded.


12 Years
Apr 22, 2007
Merit, Tx
I put mine outside as soon as they were fully feathered. Ducks really stink up a house!!! Yuck! If you have an old dog house they will use that so you wouldn't have to build something. They don't need a huge run. Mine just like a good place to sun. They have a kiddy pool and I change it out about every 2 days. They make it sooooo nasty!

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