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    Jul 17, 2013
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    Hi I have got the two 2 week old duckling the guy who I bought them of at the time said they were welsh harlequin now he is say he is not to sure and what sex would you say they are he said the one is the right is a boy and one on the left is a girl but again now he is saying he is not sure any help thanks Megan x
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    look like they could be Welshies from this pic. just a little older. they are beautiful.

    [​IMG]found this online..... Ducklings are dunn colored with a slight blushing of black (silver phase) or brown (gold phase) on their heads. Welsh Harlequins can be sexed right after hatching with about a 90% accuracy. Take a look at their bill color within the first 3 days and note that a your girls will have pink bills and boys will be darker. Silver phase will have a dark silver coloring on the head and Gold phase is a pretty golden-brown.
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  3. look like they could be welsh. As far as gender, if you don't know how to vent sex than only time will tell.

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