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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by MarkIstmo, Apr 14, 2012.

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    Apr 14, 2012
    Had a batch of 18 ducklings, all were fine for about 2 weeks. One fell ill, quarantined him, vitamins, water but no help for about 4 days, no balance, fell constantly, on back kicking. Now, one more acting funny, limping one leg bad... any suggestions? I asked the vets here(central america) and most are not good with birds. Still looking, but meanwhile, any ideas? Muscovey type, free range.Thanks
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    Could they have eaten something toxic?
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    I'm sorry your chickens are sick. Hope things get better. I do not know about treating Botulism, but here is some information.



    The following solutions or mixtures are recommended to flush the digestive system of toxic substances, most notably for treating birds exposed to botulism toxins.

    Molasses Solution

    Add one pint of molasses to 5 gallons of water

    Offer the drinking solution free-choice to the affected birds for about four hours. Treat severely affected birds individually if they cannot drink. Return the birds to regular water after the treatment period.

    As a supportive treatment for symptoms resulting from Cryptosporidia infection, often referred to as coronaviral enteritis, use:

    One quart molasses in 20 gallons of water

    Offer this solution free-choice for a period of up to 7-10 days. It is assumed that the molasses replaces certain minerals lost from diarrhea during the course of the infection.

    Epsom Salt Solution

    1 lb Epsom Salt per 15 lb feed
    1 lb Epsom Salt per 5 gallons water for 1 day

    Give the epson salt feed mixture as the sole feed source for a one day period. This feed can be used only if the birds are eating. If the birds are not eating, use the water solution. If the birds are unable to eat or drink by themselves, use individual treatment with:

    1 teaspoon of Epsom Salt in 1 fl oz water

    Place the solution in the crop of the affected bird. This same amount of solution will treat 5-8 quail or one chicken.

    Castor Oil Therapy

    Dose individual birds with .5 oz castor oil. Not sure of dosage for ducklings but maybe if you google it you can find dosage. Hope this helps.
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    I would think about the laxative solution, then follow up with loads of fresh water and finely ground charcoal. NOT the briquettes for grills, but clean, hardwood charcoal from the wood stove.

    Charcoal absorbs toxins.

    After a day of that, I would give vitamins. Poultry vitamins if you can get them.

    Apple cider vinegar, one tablespoon in a half gallon of water for tonic, too.

    Bless you.


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