Duckling that WON'T grow...?


10 Years
May 10, 2009
Morris, PA
Well you all know how awhile ago I had the "Bonfire pit? - A closer look" thread going? And how I posted the pics of when she hatched her babies?

Well, if not, I'll just briefly go over it:
My fawn and white indian runner hen was sitting on a nest inside my bonfire pit. Out of about 10 eggs, she hatched 2. One is gray with a whitish bib, and the other is yellow. I did have a male fawn and white runner, who was killed by a fox while the mother was on the nest, some I'm positive he is the father of the little yellow duckling and that the yellow duckling is in fact, pure runner.

Well, lately I've been noticing the yellow duckling just has NOT been growing at all, its sibling is now about twice its size, and has the upright runner stance. I don't know why its not growing, I know it eats and drinks, and its just a little ball of energy.
Well I went out tonight, and of course, here we are still getting our "April Showers" in June, the wind is blowing, I'm wearing a coat because it's pouring and I'm freezing, and I look in the duck pen, and I see the mom and the gray baby, but no yellow baby. So I look in the igloo thats in the pen, and there, in the corner, is the little yellow baby huttled.
So, to make a long story short, the mother abandoned the nongrowing runner baby, and now it's in a brooder under a nice warm light.

So, do indian runners grow at a slower pace? I've never raised runners at this age, so I don't really know.
Any suggestions?
I have a little mallard named Lullaby who's nearly two weeks old now that's barely grown at all. She has underlying problems (a funky, squinty eye, and she won't eat starter crumbles) - but if you go and read my thread ("Should I be worried about little Lullaby?"), people have left me a lot of advice on trying to help her catch up that might be useful with your little guy.

Good luck!
I had call ducks shipped in and i have one that is doing the same thing i put up another feed. Dont seem to get answer tho

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