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Jun 8, 2022
Hi there,

I recently was given two ducklings and one has a twisted neck. It looks like a bulge on his neck but I think it’s just because of the way it is twisted. Does this look like wry neck? Attached are some pics. I appreciate any and all advice


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Is the duckling able to eat and drink? does it also have splay legs?

Are you giving any type of supplement? Vitamin E, Poultry Nutri drench? selenium?
If you can get a better close up picture that would help.

Thank you for your response. The duckling is able to eat and drink but gets tired out quickly. I have been feeding him eggs for selenium, and just started nutridrench. I also got some high level vitamin B complex but I haven’t started it yet because i am unsure about the dosage. I have included better pictures, I can’t tell if his legs are splayed or not


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Wow I am not sure that is wry neck looks more like a birth defect. But treat as though it is because it's always worth the time to try and help.
Good for you getting the treatment started. How old is the duckling? that will depend on the dose of vit b complex. The reason I asked about the legs was in the tub the legs were splayed out but how are they when he is out of the tub do they lay under him normally? no trouble walking?
Here is more info on it and treating. Bless its heart I hope it all helps. And bless you for trying to help.

This info will give you dose for the liquid B complex according to age. Please keep us updated on how the little one is doing.
Thank you so much for this advice! A little background, the ducklings came from an elementary school teacher who hatches eggs with her students every year. She said it hatched on 5/24. But I guess she tried to help this duckling hatch 😬 also his legs are not splayed out under him when he’s walking, but he definitely can’t walk for long without getting worn out and sitting.
I’m going to keep trying with the supplements, do you think I should try to brace its neck too? I just don’t want to hurt the little guy. I hope it doesn’t come to culling him😔

Thank you again for your time!
With such a curve in the neck all I can say is try to splint and see how he does. Maybe straightening little by little and with the supplements might help.
I hope it doesn't come to culling too. :hugs
If they have a zeal for life even with a disability I say let them live. But that is a decision only we who live with them can make.

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