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  1. Okay, you duck experts... here's a ponderable one for you:

    I have 3 Blue Swedish, about 2 weeks old. They have a playpen outside, which includes a swimming hole made out of a cement mixing pan. They spend the better part of the day in the playpen. Now, last night, when I brought them in, I noticed 2 of them had bald patches. One (the taller one) on her upper breast, and the other (the shorter one) on the side of his neck. I had noticed that when they were feeling lazy, they would crane over the side of the watering hole to drink (they also have a low water dish). I thought "Wow! They must've shaved off the duckling down on the side of the pan!" So, I built up all four sides of the pan with more rock, more logs, etc. instead of having it at intervals around the pan. However, this morning, the bald spots are GONE! Do they seriously grow baby down in that fast? What the heck? And if they DID shave the down off, do you suppose they would have stopped the behavior if it was painful to them? They do have another water dish, so it's not as if I am employing a torture device for them to get water.
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    don't worry dear. it is normal as they grow so rapidly. i am assuming, of course, that all else seems fine. but yes, ducks grow so fast their original down can get sparse in some places. but relax--we've all been there [​IMG]
  3. Quote:Thanks! They spent today digging for peas and doing ducky things... I figured all was well. [​IMG]

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