Duckling with deformed leg. Splint?


12 Years
Jun 15, 2010
Western Wisconsin
I had a call duck hatch today with one of its legs bent inward and his toes all curled. I put tape on the foot for a while to try to spread the toes but his whole leg kept twisting and ending up behind him so I took if off. I'm just not sure what to do with him. Maybe try to tape something at the joint? Any suggestions from experienced people?
I have had a few hatch with foot problems- And have used sticky foam pads with great success. I use foam pads I found in the toiletries section of the chemist - they are for human feet- to protect from corns and callouses. I just cut them down in size a little to the shape of a duck foot. They are sticky enough to stay on for a few days- but do also peel off without to much difficulty or pain caused to the duckling.


I hope he gets that foot straightened out soon- call ducklings are such sweet little fluff balls.
Did you manage to resolve the problem??? Please tell me you have. i have a call duckling that is a day old with the same problem I have brought the corn plasters as suggested to you but the leg is weak, and the duckling keeps flipping on to its back.

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