Duckling With White Goop From Vent


May 25, 2020
Hello there!
I have a 2 or 3 day old pekin duckling who has white goopy discharge coming out of its vent. I saw another post similar to this, where the ducklings had worms, but my ducklings goop is much thicker than a worm. The duckling seems less active than the others, and tries to poop but only pushes out the white goop. This morning I noticed it had pasty bum, so I put the ducklings in the bathtub to swim around, and the poop came off. The duckling has never been outdoors.
What could this be?
what’s her diet and living area like

she’s just been on duckling crumble, and right now she’s indoors with puppy pad flooring and a warm heat lamp with a few other ducklings.
I think she may also be pooping, but she seems constipated, so I’ve been making baths for the ducklings and the poop and goop comes off in the water. Today she had pasty bum with poop, that’s why I don’t think it’s only the white goop.
This is a common sign of it being too hot in her area.
Do you have a thermometer?
Highly unlikely a few day-old duck would suffer from internal parasites. If you could post pictures of the white discharge and the duckling's vent area that may be helpful. As mentioned, pasty butt is often due to a high temperature in their brooder area. It can also be a symptom of an underlying problem. Make sure the pen in which they are being housed in allows them to properly move away from the heat source, so they can find the sweet spot.

For any poop currently stuck on there, gently wipe it off with a warm damp towel. Consider adding probiotics/vitamins in her water, like Sav-A-Chick brand to help get things going.
Thank you for the responses:)
I haven’t noticed any more goop in the last couple of days, thankfully, but she’s the only duckling with pasty bum. She’s the oldest of the 4 ducklings but is the smallest, which is odd because she’s a pekin and two of the others should theoretically be smaller because of the cross breed.
I have them in a large rabbit cage right now, with a heat lamp on one end. If she wanted to she could definitely move out of the heat, but she stays the closest to it out of any of them.

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