Ducklings and Chicks


7 Years
Oct 18, 2012
I have 3 pullets at the moment and their going to start laying soon. One of their combs is bright red and the others are pretty red too. I am going to buy more chicks and two ducklings after the pullets start laying and becoming broody. Here are some of my questions:

-when my pullets start laying, is there a certain amount of time that has to pass before they can become broody?

-Am i able to get baby chicks and ducks in the winter? I would have my chickens be broody and they would adopt the chicks and ducks. Would'nt they be warm enough under the hen?

-How long after the pullets combs start getting red do they start to lay?

-Can baby ducks swim in cold water or would they have to swim in a normal/warm temperature?

-Can ducks eat chicken food or do i need to get different feed for ducks?
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1. Yes you can get baby birds in the winter but if the mother rejects them you will have your hands full brooding in the winter. It's much longer before they can go outside.

2. I wouldn't let chicks swim at all especially not cold water.

3. Ducklings require more Niacin than chicks. You will most likely have to supplement that.
LOL! In that case I always do around room temps for my ducklings. I don't have chickens so I can't be much help on those questions.

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