ducklings die of sickness??


9 Years
Jul 28, 2014
so we had 2 baby mallard ducklings and they were females, we decided to put them in the same cage as the 2 female rouens and 1 male mallard (Who has not gone through his molt) I observed them and they were fine together, we had been on vacation for maybe a couple days and found out that the both had died, we had a babysitter watching the house and feeding them everyday. before we left we saw them get their feathers in and they looked raggy so we think the 2 might have been sick.

Any ideas
Thanks Farm316
First off, sorry for you loss :C

Yah, sorry to say I don't think they were sick. The adults most likely killed them. It doesn't matter what gender they are they probably got picked on which would explain the raggy feathers. You need to be careful when introducing ducklings to a group of ducks that know each other. Real careful! They can be pretty harsh to new ducks especially ducklings.

I have 2 cayuga ducks for about a year and a half. Got 2 scovies recently and added them once I weened them together for 3 or so weeks. I observed and decided it was time. Both were fully feathered and ready. Again I weened them in to cayuga territory over 2 weeks. Slate can stick up for herself and doesn't get bothered, much she's white and that's scary to them lol racist ducks *cough*, Ducktor on the other hand gets picked on by E'aster and Solvieg a lot but shes able to handle it. I think E'aster is jealous she looks just like her and E'aster wants to stay the dominate duck. Its been slowing down lately so That's a good sign.

How long were they with the others before you left. When you say *get their feathers in* are they just starting to grow them or were they all feathered?
The feathers, well they were almost all grown in.... they hadn't really met before but they were just fine when introduced them. we had another baby before them that just died for some reason, they had not met the bigger ones we went outside to check up on them and the duckling was on its back. plenty of food and water and shade etc.
Who did you get the ducklings from? Maybe something in the yard is toxic but that wouldn't explain that they passed away in the enclosure.

Sounds like that other duckling, the single one, was sick/birth defect or died of loneliness. People who get ducklings get a pair so the other one has someone to talk to.

I still think the adults killed the other ones though seeing as they were almost all feathered out. Just because it looks fine when your there doesn't mean it is. Something could of set them off while you were away.

For my ducks it rights over the water dishes and food pellets. Which is why I put more water dishes in and spread the food on the ground. They still get a little testy though.

P.S have you talked to the babysitter? Did they tell you your ducks died or did you find out yourself?
there were three ducklings together the 2 females and the one male. The babysitter found out about the ducklings
The ducklings were obtained from a reputable local chicken farmer. She also sells/consigns chickens and ducks. The ducklings who recently died, were part of an original group of 4. She didn't know much about the ducklings and we probably shouldn't have bought them from her. The babysitter promptly informed us and felt very badly about the dead ducks. She did a great job taking care of all the animals, so we don't think the duckling deaths were attributable to her.
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