Ducklings falling out of the nest box :(

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Hello, in another post, I mentioned that Maple (my partridge silkie) hatched out 2 crested ducklings a couple days ago. The nest boxes are about 1-2 feet off the ground and the ducklings have been falling out. I put up a small barrier with access to food and water. When Maple leaves the nest for a minute, they figure out a way to try to follow her. I have an enclosed area n the floor that I can try to relocate the ducklings, but will Maple follow and take care of them there? I would hate for her to abandon them and she is such a great mom. Has anyone else have this problem? I also have 2 other silkie pullets in there, would they mess with the ducklings? This is my first time that I had a silkie mommy and I want her to raise the babies herself. Any suggestions would be appreciated
Ducklings want to follow their mamas. At 1 to 2 feet off the ground, they wouldn't be able to get back in there with her for quite a while. Maybe you can make a ramp for them?
Hello, thanks for responding. Yes, there is a ramp, but I don't think they can get back up there. I am going to try to make a "nestbox" on the floor. I just don't want them to get chilled, it's cool today. Thanks again

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