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Jun 18, 2009
I have a 3wk old and a 5wk duckling and they are transitioning to their outdoor living space. I put them out there all day and bring them in at night.

It's been raining all day today and I wonder if it isn't dangerous or irresponsible to leave them outdoors the whole time. They have a place to get out of the rain and they've been moving around a lot and are also in and out of their swimming hole.

Are there any issues with leaving the ducklings out before they've developed full feathers?

Typically, I would only worry if it were cold outside. In the summer, I doubt it will be too cold for them. If the little guys are running around in the rain and swimming, then they are probably warm enough. I would only worry if they were huddled together and shivering.
they are not shivering but it is 61 F˚ today in the rain so I was a touch concerned. I take them out swimming in our pond everyday though and he water is super cold and they love it.

See my confusion! Very new to this and I appreciate the help.

here is what they currently look like:
Cute! They look about as old as mine. Mine seem to do ok with 50 degrees F or so at night, with only minimal huddling. I would only worry if it dipped down to close to 40, but that is unlikely this time of year. If they let you pick them up, you will notice they have very high body temperatures. As long as they have plenty of feed, they will keep themselves warm.

Just as an aside, I had a hard time viewing your photo, because it was large . . . do you have a photo program where you can re-size the image before you post it?

ETA: It looks like you re-sized the photo before I posted this, or else my computer is playing games with me!
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yes photo is a bit large. my apologies.

I will heed your advice. So far they look totally fine out there and seem content and always have a steady supply of food, including all the bugs they can eat since we move their pen to new grass as often as possible.

They handle cold better than heat...they should be fine. they look happy to me. My 5 week olds are out all day, rain or shine, in and out of the pool and the rain.

If it gets below 60 then I bring them in but that only happens at night.

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