Ducklings in the winter - How to keep them warm


9 Years
Nov 20, 2014
My duck coop
I recently inherited 5 ducklings. They are over a week old. I've never had ducklings during the winter before. Usually after about 2-3 weeks we put them outside in our garage/chicken coop. The garage is not heated or insulated and has some holes where cold air can come in. How can we put them in the garage where they will safely be warm? We have two heat lamps but how can we keep them warm. Any suggestions on brooder ideas?
Keep them in a certain place where it's the least cold
Get a heating pad
Give them hot treats like oatmeal.
put something where they cant snuggle up next to, like a heated water bottle wrapped in a old shirt.
Heated water bowl, this doesn't really help with heating, but it does keep it from freezing.

I don't own ducks, but I do raise chickens and I have dealt with things like this when they were young.

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