Ducklings in winter


Jan 4, 2016
i ordered 5 ducklings and a goose which arrived on April 20, 2015. One disappeared and one was eaten but the other three grew up quite well. But the male and one female mated resulting in her laying and hatching a clutch of eggs on dec 31, 2015. The mother duck and goose will not let me ANTWHERE near the ducklings. It is between 20-50 degrees Fahrenheit here and I fear for the ducklings. One was abandoned which I brought inside but later died. I found two more left behind in a hole in my neighbors yard which I also brought in and they are doing fine. She has three more with her 24/7. Should I get them from her and bring them inside? And why would she lay in the winter time?


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Apr 20, 2007
If the ducks were mine I would bring them inside. You already have some in the house now. Wear big gloves and heavy coat to get the other ducks from the momma. If you can run the duck and the goose out of the coop so you can catch the little ones. You have to get the eggs she lays so she doesn't go broody again. The winter is a bad time to hatch little ones. Good luck.

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Apr 28, 2015
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A lot of ducks lay during winter. My Pekin and both Rouens are still laying daily. Ducklings are unable to regulate their body temperature. If you don't bring them indoors, they probably won't make it. It's important to bring eggs inside, too, so they don't hatch any during cold weather.

Please keep us posted and feel free to share pics!


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