Ducklings one day old--Welsh Harlequins!


10 Years
Dec 13, 2009
These one day olds are just about the cutest thing ever! I got them from a friend of mine who ordered through Metzer. I have chickens but have never had ducks and am excited at raising these two sweet (hopefully) girls.


One has a darker head with lighter beak and one has a lighter head with a darker beak. They have been eating and drinking voraciously!


I think my kids have named them Harley and Quinn.....perfect for Harlequins

I didn't take the leg ID off, but think I will tomorrow--just didn't want to traumatize them any more than necessary today. Was trying to make sure they ate and drank to stay strong: first things first, right?
If you own a WH, please post a pic of them so I can show my kids what grown up gals look like!
so cute!

If they both have brown bands they are girls. That's what mine had last week, and that was how we were able to figure out what sex the missing duckling was. Metzer's failed to send me my drake. He should be here with another duck at 3AM. They grow fast so make sure you take those bands off.

Oh, you can search Peanut and Cookie to see pics of them.
Love the names... I breed harlequin coloured Indian Runners- and did have some named Harley and Quinn as well..Mine were both boys though...but from the colour- Yours do look more like girls....and of course are very cute.
Did you get them sexed? In the first pic they have leg bands on, and if you got them from metzers, that would make them girls (Boys= Purple, Girls= Brown).
you only have to wait a few more hours....I have to wait till March 28 when they hatch...then they have to fly here......So I've to longer to wait..........and it is killing me

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