ducklings sneezing?


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5 Years
Mar 14, 2014
Ducklings are almost 1 week old. A couple of them have been doing something I can only call sneezing. It isn't very loud, but sounds like they are blowing air out of their nares. Their water is deep enough for them to fit their whole bills in, and watching them I can see them blow air bubbles while drinking, so it seems like they are able to clear their nares with the water.

Does it sound normal? Ducks are otherwise extremely lively and healthy seeming.
Not only is it normal, it is necessary for healthy ducklings. They must be able to snoot water out through their nares, or they risk sinus infection.

Also, they need to be able to wash their entire heads, to ward off ear and eye infections, too.

Nice to see an observant duck person! There are many of them, I just really like it when someone notices stuff like this and asks about it.

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