Ducklings - Spring 2020


Aug 20, 2019
West Michigan
First off - not sure if allowed.. if not obviously I'll take it down!

I know it's a bit early... but I'm looking for a couple rare girls next spring. Not sure if anyone in (west) Michigan might be raising Ancona or Appleyards but I'm searching for 1 female of each to add to the flock. Bonus you'll still get to see them grow up! Pictures & video etc...
I also do end up on the east side a decent amount as well as up above the bridge.

Less rare but also want to get a good mix so others on the list too! Saxony, blue/black Swedish, Crested, Harlequin, Cayuga

Might be open to some trading etc... Definitely hoping for girls for eggs!


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I can always meet you at a halfway point or deliver them to you myself. @Flyinbolts
Definitely don't want to force you to drive all the way. I'd be happy to meet half way or if I can work out getting away for a long weekend I'd drive a bit further on out. I'm not against shipping but I dislike that the birds have to go through that so more willing to go get them.
I haven't shipped a bird before. I don't want to put the birds in anymore stress or have anything happen to them during shipping so I would rather meet at halfway point or deliver them. Have plenty of time til spring so can always get back to me.

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