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hi everyone i have a view questions. do i put my ducklings food an water in sleeping area? when do they not need light for heat anymore? how old they have to be to give them different kinds of foods? an how old do have to be to change there food to adult food? they r 4 weeks now. any information on ducklings would be very helpfull.

Have you reviewed the stickies? there is a great duckling raising post in there.

Otherwise... well, i still have food/water with my 5wk olds... as for the heat, depends on your temps more than anything... i left mine off last night as we hit a high temp wave, then were dropping again so i turned it back on lol but there in a barn not my home. It's only a 175 though, i downed off the 250 awhile ago.

As for treats, you'll need some chick grit but you can start now... i give mine lettuce(romaine, peas, corn.. ) plus they get outside so eat all sorts of things...

You can switch to a grower now(which technically is an adult food) mine are on one at the moment.. are yours on a starter? there is also the option of all flock/flock raisers too, there is a treat chart in the stickies too a great thing to refer too.
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Yes, if all you can get is chick starter that is fine, many cannot get duck.. that said again do refer to the duckling raising sticky i posted above for info on niacin as ducklings have higher requirements than chicks, i have never used chick starter so i cannot help with that. I raised my chickens on my flock raiser lol

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